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Car Window Repair

In the event that you find yourself driving around the busy roadways around Anaheim and you find that the windshield of your automobile has gotten chipped or cracked, then you need to watch out. Just about any significant change in the outdoor air temperature can result in the minor damage to the auto glass growing well beyond the point of a car window repair being able to fix the problem. Sometimes, if the temperature difference is large enough, a small chip can grow to the point of the glass requiring a full car windshield replacement in order to make the auto safe to drive.

Before the damage gets to this point; however, if you seek out a windshield chip repair service like that offered by Anaheim Mobile Auto Glass in a timely fashion, you will be able to save the headache of having to get the auto glass replaced. Our company has been taking care of the full range of basic to advanced auto glass repair services for our customers for more than 10 years now, and all of our mobile service technicians are true experts in the field. We bring a fully equipped auto glass shop to your desired location around Anaheim. Our customers love the fact that we never charge for the convenience of our mobile service. We also believe in making a full investment into the training and education of our customers, and you will be amazed at the quality of work we deliver time and again. When a new or prospective customer first gives our shop a call, we try to review the damage with them to validate the appropriate level of repair for your auto.

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We always prefer to do the lowest-level repair first, so if a windshield crack repair is the most appropriate path forward, that is what we will recommend for you. Our team will then look and see what the best date, time, and location around Anaheim will fit into your schedule the best to get the work done. Our mobile auto glass repair teams prefer to meet you as soon as we ca so that we can avoid having the damage spread to the point of requiring a complete glass replacement to be safe to drive on the busy roadways in our city. Our friendly staff will also offer to review your auto insurance policy to see if your company might waive the deductible for repairing the windshield. During our time in business, we have found than many of the major auto insurance carriers will do this in order to encourage their drivers to fix their auto glass in a timely manner. Once we have the appointment set, our team will meet you as arranged. In most cases, it will take us approximately 30 minutes to fix windshield chips and cracks. Once we are done, that’s it and you can go back to work or get on with your daily schedule. Please give our staff a call today with any questions that you might have for us. Our shop will always give you a free estimate on our work.

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